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"Say GoodBye to Period cramps"

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Scientifically Proven

We use scientifically proven technology based on the gate control theory. MenoAid transmits unique pulses to stimulate the nerves and block the "pain-causing" signals.

Instant Relief

Unlike over-the-counter and prescription medications that take 30+ minutes to alleviate pain, MenoAid provides relief from the moment you turn it on.


With compact 50*48*20mm dimensions and its light weight, MenoAid is very portable and compact which you can carry with you everywhere you want without disrupting your day-to-day activities.

Awesome great product, super fast, without stalling as many stores… congratulations for efficiency, super indicate! 

Ramesh Sigdel

Perfect! I have a very severe endometriosis and it allows me to significantly reduce the dose of drugs just ordered another for when the first one is in charge.


Was taking different pills to control period because for me period pain was very hard to handle. But now thanks to MenoAid I don't take any of these pills and am not afraid of period cramps.